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  • “Applicant” is a business entity applying for a lease and “owners” are people who own applicant.
  • Have the following available before starting: applicant’s purchase order from its equipment vendor, applicant’s sales report for the prior three full months, applicant’s prior year federal tax return, owners’ prior year federal tax return(s), owners’ and applicant’s prior two monthly bank statements, name/address/phone for applicant’s landlord plus two vendors.
  • FULLY complete the application. Your application cannot be processed unless it is fully completed. 
  • Inserting the name of the owner(s) in the boxes at the end of the application serves as your signature.   
  • When the application is fully completed, press the “send form” button at the end of the application.
  • You will receive an e-mail from Experian, a LeaseCo vendor that provides credit reports, to your “Manager’s E-mail” account.  Provide the information requested by Experian and authorize Experian to share your report with LeaseCo (Scott Anderson). You will be required to pay about $15 for each owner credit report, through a credit card payment.  Your LeaseCo application cannot be processed until the owners’ credit reports have been received by LeaseCo.
  • Scan or photocopy the following: the equipment purchase order, applicant and owners’ prior year federal tax returns, applicant and owners’ last two monthly bank statements.  LeaseCo will arrange for receipt of this information.
  • LeaseCo will process your application, and contact you through e-mail or phone with any questions.  Once the application decision (approve or decline) is made, LeaseCo will notify you through e-mail. 
  • Upon approval LeaseCo will contact you to arrange for closing and equipment delivery.

Thank you for applying to LeaseCo!
If you have any questions or problems completing the applications, please call us at 802.734.7646.